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Canton Escape Chamber

We are an entertainment facility providing visitors with an intellectually-stimulating adventure game designed for groups of up to 10 participants. Your group must solve puzzles, find hidden objects, crack codes and ultimately make sense of all the clues in order to earn your freedom and “escape” the chamber!

Skillfully created with cinematic props, dramatic lighting, audio and carefully crafted mind games, each chamber gives you the sense of being in the middle of a real mystery, trying to reach the end.

If you have ever played the popular computer games or apps like Escape the Room, you’ll love our real-life versions. The storylines include being trapped in a laboratory conducting human testing, survive being kidnapped by an escaped psychopath, and getting away with the heist of the century! No matter which scenario you choose, the goal is always the same…beat the clock to escape the chamber. The adventure will keep your group, whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, date or youth-group, on your toes and anxious to come back for more!

The Rooms Explained

Each room has a unique storyline to challenge you and your friends. Families sometimes wonder if they are dark and scary. The rooms are not dark and scary, but your imagination can help create a feeling of mystery and intrigue as you navigate the cinematically themed rooms.

One way to think about the room, is to think of being inside of a puzzle. Find the clues that lead you to the right pieces and you will find your way out. It’s a lot of fun!

Each room is wheelchair accessible and pregnant women need not worry, the rooms are safe.

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Who Plays Escape Chambers

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Friends & Family


We are one of the few real life gaming options in town. Whether you and your friends are looking for something fun to do on the weekend, or your family is look for a fun Saturday outing, this is it! Canton Escape Chambers is intellectually stimulating fun for the whole family, and what better way to get your kids off the couch and doing something fun and interesting together!

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Team Building


Are you and your co-workers looking for something to do together? This is a great mind stimulating activity that is sure to bring you and your colleagues together for a good laugh and some fun. You can book one room for up to 10 people and have a team building event that is sure to unite your office and build good moral.

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Tourists & Travelers


You might be on a business trip or traveling through the Canton area and looking for something fun and challenging to do. Escape Chambers captures the adventurous spirit of travel, making it a perfect activity for travelers and tourists. When available, we accept same-day bookings as well as advanced reservations. Call now!

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